1)_ Navigation :

You will discover GMH full screen mode interface as very handy and comforta- ble.
However if you're running at a low resolution window (800 x 600 pixels) you must turn off task bar (toolbar) to enable full visibility of next pages. The visibility of these compo- nents of the interface can be enabled / disabled to make them automatically disappear from screen.
It is very easy to do that (supposing you are running Windows):
Right click on toolbar (task bar); click on "properties", then click on appropriate check case for automatic hiding. The visibility of task bar can be enabled / disabled each time you move cursor over appropriate screen edge.

2)_ GMH acquiring :

If you kindly bother to read French text you should guess easily some essential key points... Please note that there is an entire English page you can find by clicking the "ACQUISITION" button on main menu. Some specific information are available there (e.g. the price). It suffices you to transmit your coordinates by email in case you wish to buy or need help. It seem obvious you was keen enough to discover deeply all available information about GMH. Everything was designed to entice you to analyze numerous characteristics. Please "fly over" left side of next screen to start visit.
Of course all inquiries will receive an individual response.

3)_ Web site downloading :

In order to help you in better discover GMH you can download the entire web site under two kind of compressed zip files: one ready to be self-unpacked and second one to be unzipped with standard unpack tools.
First file don't need any programs to be used to do the task, as he contain unpacking program. Second type of file need you use standard unpack tools. Both files are password protected. Just send a serious offer with yours full coordinates. You will receive password by e-mail. Without pw any downloading would be useless...

Have a nice visit...

Just few words about three essential points :



If you can read this text, your monitor is > 800x600 or you already hidden task bar...
Decrease screen resolution to 800 X 600 if characters looks too small...

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